Places to see in Berlin – Germany Mauerpark Flea Market

6 months ago

Places to see in ( Berlin – Germany ) Mauerpark Flea Market

Directly adjacent to the Mauerpark (Park of the Wall) in the Prenzlauer Berg district, you’ll find a fleamarket with mostly private sellers with toys and vynils, clothes, musical instruments and bicycles. The fleamarket is flanked with a number of cosy cafes.

The flea market at Mauerpark is quite popular. It is frequently used as sunday afternoon activity by hip Berliners and tourists. The flea market itself consists of mainly private salespersons who offer various items. They range from clothes, shoes, bicycles to old vinyl revords, trumpery and rummage. Furthermore the flea market at Mauerpark has a large furniture tent where diligent visitors might find true treasures.

The popularity of the flea market at Mauerpark partly stems from the karaoke sessions that take place at the amphitheatre every Sunday afternoon. From spring until autumn the place is packed with a crowd of curious people even before it starts at 3 pm.

There are many opportunities around and on Mauerpark that allow a relaxing break from shopping and looking out for things. Several stalls in between the sales booths offer international delicacies and seats. Furthermore, there are many cafés on the streets around Mauerpark that serve coffee and snacks.

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