Gr nbox – Pura Vida Nadja Lind Remix

6 months ago

A favourite of the Lucidflow family, Argentinian Grünbox returns for one of the most direct and immediate releases of the year. A slightly new direction for us, as we see some (non-cliched) vocals added to the fray, subtle enough not to terrify the head to the dub crowd. Pura Vida heads straight to a classic for its centrepiece, a pitched down soul vocal cuts across the smooth rolling backing with a deft She tears you down darling, says you’re nothing at all. Keeping with choice vocals, Nash Zorin provides the sultry lyrics to Cosmic Cachondo, giving a tasty dash of tabasco to the slick techy groove. Grunbox’s final piece of the EP puzzle is the robotic tech funk of Ride With Me, a darker moment that can straddle the many blurred lines that surround House music. A commanding male vocal barks across the atmosphere, laden with distorting effects. Plus, as ever, Lucidflow’s mama extraordinaire, Nadja Lind, steps in with a remix of Pura Vida to tie off the package. A deeper slant on the original, its muted atmosphere uses shuffling percussion to great effect, managing to give a sense of urgency and tension.