Paul Loraine Saytek Fundamental Nadja Lind Precious Remix Lucidflow

6 months ago

RELEASE DATE: 2011-12-12
LABEL: Lucidflow

The outstanding Lucidflow imprint teams up with the duo of Paul Loraine and Saytek for the release of the excellent Fundamental backed with mixes from label bosses Helmut Ebritsch and Nadja Lind…

DJ support & feedback:

Christopher Spero (Glimpse) Nice ep. Really like the remixs —MANDY – Get Physicaldownloaded. thank you for good music! —Orde Meikle Slam / Soma – fantastic EP – great remixes – playing thanx —Konrad Black / Wagon RepairBringing the deepness…I love it. —Sebo K: nice one ! full support. —Halo Varga: very nice ep really loving the Nadja Linds Precious remix full support. —Richie HawtinM_Nusdownload for r hawtin —Terence (:terry:) Freak N ChicNice ep —Anderson Noisegood stuff —Lucien NicoletLuciano / CadenzaThanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L —Laurent Garnierlove the very organic remix of Helmut Ebritsch– 3 good tracks in here – Very nice release —Alland ByalloLiebe Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, [KONTRONadjas remix is ace. Nice dubbed out vibes. —Paul (The Disclosure Project) (DPR,NDM,Acryl, Etoka, Elevation and others): “Quite nice deep sounds on the original and Nadjas remix, might get some use from this release, thanks for sending.” —Andre Buljat: “love the the original and both remixes : )” (will chart) —Terje Bakke Lordag – yes great early evening stuff for me! —Arthur Barr Fullbarr Digital – Pauls nad Sayteks Original for me, nice flowing deep haus! —Andrew Grant Circo Loco – deepness lives —MANIKM A N I K (Ovum/Fresh Meat/) – Cool sounds overall. Nice atmospheres.. —Chloe Thevenin DJ Chloe / Kill The DJ – original version is nice, and Helmut Ebritsch rmx too —Mark Gwinnett Cubism – Lovely package. The original is a wickedly crafted track. Good work guys 🙂 —Chaim Avital Cocoon / Supplement Facts – Helmut Ebritsch Mighty works nice thx —Greg Chin Stryke (Plastic City / Ovum) – good early evening stuff here for me. really like the Nadja Linds remix. will be grooving this one out. —Brendon Collins Summer (Tulipa Recordings) – Helmut Ebritsch remix is a bomb, thanks —Chris Fortier – dig original and helmet remix is deep moody growing monster —Ilidio Chaves Sonic Culture – I like the Helmut Ebritsch Mighty remix —Erich Bogatzky Minimood / Dieb Audio – very nice, deep and groovy tracks! —Aldrin Zouk Zouk Club – Divin deep release! —Carita La Nina – Netherlands – Lovely vibes!! —Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “Nadja Lind remix for me” —Herve Dias (): “Huge release from Paul and Saytek!! love the Mighty Rmx!…this shows how Lucidflow track by track strengthens their already solid foundation!” —Tom Krizic (Funtom) (Groove Site FM Radio): “When such classy artists meet together the outcome can not be less then magnificent like in this case. Original mix is really fantastic progressive track, Helmuts mix is dark and truly mighty one, still my favorite would be precious remix from Nadja. Will play them all on my show for sure, great work everyone!” (will chart) —Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “Awesome stuff – loving the remixes (will use in my radio sets) but the original is the business for playing out!” (will chart) —Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “helmut and nadja remix!! wicked ones… will play and chart it for sure, thanks!” (will chart) —Lets Go Outside (Slant, Soma): “Beautiful piece with great mixes.” —Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “Great ep ! Original and Nadja remix for me thanx a lot” (will chart) —Scan Mode (): “Amazing stuff as usual from Lucidflow!!!” (will chart) —BERNY (): “Really in Nadja Rmx, it really flows…” —awesome Dom (Soma): “Great EP! Love both remixes 4/5” —Mirus (Indigo Raw Recordings): “Great release from one of my favorite producers, full support. thanks a lot.” —Monty Luke (Planet-E): “downloading….now” —Da Funk (Acryl Music, iRecords, Plastic City): “helmut ebritsch remix for me. nice!” —Tom Schon (Soap Records, BluFin, Sickness, Circle, Permanent): “will play the original….very good tribe” —Valentin Huedo / Ibiza Sonica (Extremly House Music, Music for dreams, Cafe del mar): “Really good as always, looking forward to play it” — —