How to use Munich s U Bahn S Bahn Metro

7 months ago

Munich’s transit system is a sprawling network of regional trains , subway, tram and bus lines that reach every corner of a city . Most visitors will find the U bahn and S bahn to be the most useful.

The U bahn travels mostly underground, with stations located near Munich’s most popular attractions, with stations at or near such attractions as the Schwabing district, the major parks, the BMW Museum, the Allianz Arena, and the Oktoberfest grounds.
Its 8 lines travel to 96 stations in and around the city center.

The S bahn travels mostly above ground, and connects Munich’s two main train stations, the international airport, and outlying suburbs with the city center. There are 8 lines with 150 stations.

In Munich the U & S Bahn trains travel through 16 zones. The price of a single trip depends on how many zones you pass through. At best this is where things get cumbersome and at worst get confusing. The majority of sights for visitors are within the first four zones. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL